We can trade your space for one that better suits your needs.

TradeAddresses offers businesses an easy way to trade commercial office space for a more desired one. Specialized agents carefully curate office matches for review. Once a match is made, TradeAddresses will negotiate the leasing terms and work with respective landlords to facilitate a seamless office trade.

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Finding and trading office spaces has never been easier.

  • Access a secure and private online portal with significant office options in terms of size, location, duration of the sublease, and additional features.

  • A dedicated agent is available to provide real-time information and answers to questions throughout the process.

  • Trades may include furniture and office equipment too – depending on the needs of the business via TradeAddresses Concierge.

About TradeAddresses

TradeAddresses is not new. It launched in 1997 in the boom and proved highly successful during a very tight office market, trading properties throughout the Bay Area, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, and New York. It was originally founded by a group of San Francisco commercial real estate veterans who recognized the need for more flexibility during an office lease period. Over time, business needs change for a variety of reasons, including company growth or downsizing.

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