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Starboard Multifamily is a service of Starboard CRE that provides multifamily property sale and investment services to clients. we specialize in investment consultation, providing sale and marketing services.

Some of the services that Starboard Multifamily Services provides may include:
Sale and Marketing: Attracting right buyers by effectively marketing and promoting properties, maximizing Multifamily Investment with Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Strategies
Investment services: Offering investment advice and helping clients to identify and acquire profitable multifamily properties.

Starboard Multifamily prides itself on its expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering high-quality service to its clients.


Investment Sales

This involves buying and selling multifamily properties on behalf of clients, including conducting market research, valuations, and negotiations.

Brokerage Services

This involves providing sales services for multifamily properties, including marketing.

Advisory Services

This involves providing strategic consulting and advisory services to multifamily property owners and operators, including market analysis, portfolio optimization, and asset valuation.

San Francisco Multifamily Market

Historically, San Francisco’s multifamily market has been strong due to the city’s robust job market, limited land availability, and high demand for housing. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the rental market in San Francisco and other major cities in the US. According to a report by Zumper, San Francisco experienced a significant decline in rental prices in 2020, with rents dropping by 23.2% year-over-year in December 2020.

Despite this decline, San Francisco remains one of the most expensive rental markets in the country. The city’s high cost of living, coupled with the ongoing demand for housing, continues to make it an attractive market for multifamily investors. According to a report by CBRE, the San Francisco multifamily market has remained relatively stable despite the pandemic’s economic impact, with a vacancy rate of 4.9% in Q4 2020 and an average rent of $3,054 per unit.

Overall, while the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the San Francisco multifamily market, the city’s strong demand for housing and limited supply continue to make it an attractive market for investors.

Meet Our Multifamily Real Estate Experts

Meet the dedicated team behind our multifamily real estate services at Starboard CRE. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and local insights to every transaction. Committed to excellence, our team ensures personalized service tailored to your specific needs, whether you are buying, selling, or leasing multifamily properties.

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