Chayanee Jantaradaval (Nim)

Chayanee Jantaradaval, or Nim, holds a significant role in commercial real estate, bridging her roots from Pattaya to San Francisco. 

Nim’s academic journey started at San Francisco State University, culminating in a major in International Business with a minor in Mandarin. She ventured into Real Estate, achieving an Associate of Science from CCSF, and a Masters in Real Estate Development + Design (MREDD) from UC Berkeley. 

At the core of Nim’s professional path is a sincere passion for commercial real estate leasing and sales. Her approach stems from in-depth industry understanding and negotiation skills. Notably, she won first place in the 2022 Hack-a-house competition, showcasing her problem-solving skills. 

Beyond her work, Nim nurtures hobbies, including rekindled interest in golf and soccer. These interests mirror her client-focused philosophy, marked by dedication and exceptional service—qualities aligned with commercial real estate. 

Nim envisions revitalizing San Francisco’s commercial landscape, leveraging her skills for growth. Her commitment to staying attuned to market trends underscores her dedication to the dynamic field. 

Chayanee Jantaradaval’s path in commercial real estate encapsulates adaptability, expertise, and genuine commitment—a powerful combination shaping urban dynamics. 

SENIOR LEASING & SALES ASSOCIATE [email protected] CELL: 415.860.9546 DRE # 02160246