Starboard CRE

Fostering an Environment for Entrepreneurial Spirits

As the largest independently-owned commercial real estate firm in San Francisco, Starboard CRE provides boutique, full-service, client-oriented expertise while offering global reach through national and international partner offices. Established in 1991, Starboard CRE has organically developed significant relationships with owners, investors, tenants, developers, architects, and attorneys throughout the San Francisco Bay Area with access to a network of professionals throughout multiple markets in the U.S.

Locally based, technology forward, our brokers are highly qualified experts backed by a full-service, in-house support team who understand the intricacies of San Francisco real estate. Starboard CRE brings decades of brokerage experience representing over 600 million square feet of space with an aggregate lease value of over 10 billion and investments sold over 3 billion.

(Image: Starboard CRE Founders including Stella Wong Florez, the first Asian-American woman to own a commercial real estate brokerage in the United States.)

Starboard Philosophy


Our brokers and principals are aligned on details of transactions, reviewed in real-time, always mindful of our fiduciary relationships.


We uphold an ethical and professional representation of our clients while dedicating our personal attention and service.


Our access to third-party professionals such as attorneys, contractors, architects, and accountants all contribute to Starboard’s superior end-to-end real estate services.

The Starboard Story

Starboard signifies a number of factors that have influenced the formation of our company. Locally based out of San Francisco, our name, Starboard, ties us back to the Bay Area. In competitive sailing, Starboard means “tacking to the right,” which is a maneuver that requires a tremendous amount of team effort and oftentimes with little notice or forewarning. You must be flexible and prepared to address whatever challenges come your way at just a moment’s notice.

There is no such thing as a perfect race; collaboration, versatility, and fundamental principles are vital. Starboard CRE exemplifies that strength is just as important as intelligence to address any opportunities that come our way.